NAMPA, Idaho, June 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Chicken Soup for the Soil, an all-natural liquid fertilizer that contains all the elements in the periodic table, has been released by Dr. The natural fertilizer improves the ecology in the soil by feeding the microbes all the nutrients most fertilizers neglect. This creates ultra-healthy fruits and vegetables with more color, better flavor, and less bug infestations.

17ft Tomato Plant Produced Over 200 lbs of Fruit, No Pesticides Were Used, GMO Free, No Added Chemicals.

This new liquid fertilizer is made of microscopic nutrient clusters that will bind to organic matter and not wash out of the soil.

«Gardeners and commercial growers in the U.S. have burned the nutrients out of the soil with heavy doses of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. The lack of nutrients stresses the plants and diminishes flavor, color, size and shelf life. Stressed plants are also more prone to insect attacks and disease,» said Jim Zamzow, founder of Dr. JimZ.

«In the development of Chicken Soup for the Soil I experienced a serendipitous discovery.  After hundreds of batches I spontaneously heard a strange crunching sound while mixing ingredients in a barrel… I knew something interesting had happened.»

Boise State University and the University of Utah Medical Center soon analyzed the test batch. «There was a reaction in the manufacturing process that transformed the ingredients into a colloidal liquid made of microscopic nutrient clusters,» said Jim. 

Unlike other water soluble fertilizers, these micro-clusters bind to organic matter and will not wash out of the soil. The clusters remain in place and nourish the root system while feeding microbes needed for optimum growth.

«Soils respond to our product like a sick child responds to chicken soup, so I named the fertilizer ‘Chicken Soup for the Soil,'» he added.

«Early on I was fortunate enough to study with the soil expert C. J. Fenzau,» Zamzow continued. «He used to remind me that ‘the microbe always sits at the table first.’ He meant that every plant nutrient must be digested by microbes before the plant can use it. Fruits and vegetables will absorb more nutrition if you have more microbe life in your soil.»

Chicken Soup for the Soil can be made into a compost tea and is considered ‘biologically correct’ because it stimulates life in the soil and supplies nutrients most fertilizers neglect. It contains trace amounts of every element in the periodic table.

Dr. JimZ is a fourth-generation family business started in 1933. Zamzow, affectionately called «Dr. Jim» because of his constant experimentation and study, is a natural scientist who cares deeply about people, health, nature, the environment and doing what is right for all living species.

The company’s proprietary formulas use a variety of rare ingredients for extraordinary results. Ingredients are never eliminated because they are expensive or difficult to obtain yet prices remain competitive with other natural or organic fertilizers.

Chicken Soup for the Soil can be purchased online at Additional information is available at or by calling 208-602-2844.

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Chicken Soup for the Soil® is available for home and commercial use.

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