Idaho Health Data Exchange Announces Partnership with Enrollment Management Company, PointCare

BOISE, Idaho, Oct. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Idaho Health Data Exchange (IHDE), Idaho's statewide Health Information Exchange (HIE), announced a new partnership with PointCare to help its participants manage the entire enrollment process from end-to-end. The partnership will enable IHDE to expand its services, providing a solution to deliver greater access to coverage while breaking down barriers to achieving quality healthcare.

PointCare's Total Enrollment Management (TEM) system qualifies patients in 90 seconds for all programs and benefits for which they may be eligible. It has been shown that when a patient is qualified through PointCare, approval rates increase 53%. The platform helps health systems, providers, and staff easily manage the enrollment process with centralized data, including screening results, enrollment tasks, and automatic Medicaid verifications. Their streamlined approach will help IHDE stakeholders and participants maximize approvals and improve patient satisfaction. In addition, PointCare's integrated reporting will allow health systems and providers to share data and enhance operational efficiency in their facilities.

"As we know, finding, accessing, and retaining healthcare coverage can be extremely complex and challenging for patients and health systems alike," said Hans Kastensmith, IHDE Executive Director. "IHDE's collaboration with PointCare will allow our users to fix problems in coverage management and address the gaps in coverage for Idahoans, ultimately increasing the quality and reducing the cost of healthcare." 

"IHDE's vision to bring coverage management capabilities to Medicaid providers in Idaho is clear and unmatched. The leadership at IHDE is actively increasing value to its membership through innovation, and we are thrilled to be a partner. Together, we are simplifying the enrollment experience for all providers serving Medicaid and uninsured patients."- Everett Lebherz, Co-Founder and CEO of PointCare 

Usually, health systems, clinics, and providers who see uninsured or self-pay patients must screen them manually, if at all. This process can be burdensome on already stretched thin systems due to the COVID-19 pandemic and can raise challenges as eligibility and sign-up procedures shift over time.

IHDE and PointCare's new partnership will allow all care to be reimbursed for health systems while providing financial security for members. It will enable IHDE stakeholders and participants to find, obtain, and manage private and public coverage for their patients. The collaboration positions IHDE to create new opportunities for health systems, clinics, and providers, increasing the well-being of all Idahoans.

About Idaho Health Data Exchange
Idaho Health Data Exchange (IHDE), a non-profit 501(c)(3) company, is Idaho's statewide Health Information Exchange, dedicated to meeting the needs of healthcare providers and ensuring that Idaho's citizens receive the most effective health services possible. To achieve these goals, IHDE is working with a wide array of stakeholders to actively build a best in breed technology infrastructure that provides access to reliable data and information by combining traditional healthcare data with other data sources to help address the medical, behavioral, and social needs that influence the well-being of Idahoans. In addition to technology enhancements to improve overall performance, an array of tools aimed at improving patient outcomes will be made available to IHDE participants, including an enrollment management tool, a consent management tool, an analytics platform, a telehealth platform, a remote patient monitoring system, and social determinants of health platform. As a trusted data-sharing partner in Idaho, IHDE looks forward to bringing you a new suite of service offerings to improve the quality of health outcomes and reduce the cost of care. For more information, visit: 

About PointCare
PointCare founded in 2012 serves Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), hospitals, and Revenue Cycle Managers (RCMs) by building technology to help better manage uninsured populations. PointCare's software and centralized eligibility database help hundreds of thousands of Medicaid and self-pay patients and their providers identify eligible programs for new enrollments and ensure ongoing maintenance of current coverage.

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